Hardwood floors offer a warm and earthy aesthetic to any property. Aside from that, they are actually durable and can last for several years—even decades—if it is taken care of properly. Discover how to maintain your hardwood flooring Memphis now by adhering to these tips we will be providing you in this article: 

First, you have to utilize a vacuum or dust mop to eliminate dust, dirt, debris, and even hair that can possibly scratch your hardwood floor. Refrain from using a vacuum that has an attachment to a beater bar since it can damage the floor’s surface. Instead, you should utilize the floor-brush attachment. Also, you might have to do this approximately once per week but that depends on the number of children, pets and on the traffic of that area.  

Dust mopping cannot eliminate the grime and dirt that can develop as time passes by. You will need to utilize a liquid cleaner for regular maintenance. You can also opt for a commercial wood-cleaning solution available in any store near you. Make sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer for the best results. If you want, you can formulate your own cleaning solution by mixing 10 parts of warm water to one part vinegar. Then, add some liquid Castile soap drops.  

No matter what type of cleaner you select, the procedure on cleaning engineered hardwood flooring and cleaning wood floors is quite similar. You only have to saturate a sponge mop or a rag in your cleaning solution be extra careful to prevent placing excessive liquid on the floor. To remove the cleaner, rinse your mop with clean water. After that, wring out the extra water and damp mop the floor. If there’s some excess water, wipe it up with a dry and clean towel. This is essential since standing water can damage your flooring. 

In addition, you can utilize 2 teabags and boiling water to clean hardwood floorings. The tea’s tannic acid can make an amazing shine. Allow 2 teabags to soak into the boiling water for a couple of minutes. Then, pour it into a bucket. Get a soft cloth and soak it into the tea in the bucket and wring it out. Bear in mind that the tea only has to be damp, not fully soaked. This can help to quickly dry the floor. Afterward, you can wash the floor and get ready to be astounded by the shine it can provide. 

One of the trickiest parts in cleaning a wood floor is to cover scratches that retain after cleaning. You just need to fill the gap by taking a crayon that has a similar color to the floor and then rubs it on the scratch. Switch on a blow dryer and heat the place where you applied the crayon. Then, buff it using a soft cloth. To avoid damage and dirt to your newly cleaned floors, place some doormats outside and inside your exterior doors. This will cut down on the moisture and dirt tracked in.