Wheeler Park Wilderness

A Spectacle of Natural Beauty

There is no shortage of places in New Mexico that can be used as trademarks for the ultimate natural beauty. With countless spots, small and big spread all over the state that are filled with amazing scenic beauty and diverse wildlife, it is a great place to explore the nature in its full majestic form. However some of these places have given a whole new meaning to the term “natural beauty” and one of these places is the famous Wheeler Park Wilderness. A vast expanse of color and amazing landscapes, it would not in any way be an overstatement to call this place a true “heaven on earth”. With an area of nearly 19,000 acres that is spread at a height of more than 13,000 feet at the top of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, it is the highest point in the whole state of New Mexico. The place is home to very wide variety of wildlife and plantation that includes several species of trees and flowers. To protect this amazing area, the government set its status to a protected wilderness and the area is managed by the Forest Service. The tourist activity in this place is quite heavy and there are throngs of people visiting this amazing place throughout the year. So what is it that this place carries within it that makes it so special and what can you do when you visit there? To find the answer to these questions, continue reading.

Flora and Fauna

The wildlife that wanders this beautiful landscape is quite diverse and you will see a lot of exotic animals here which include marmots, songbirds, golden eagles, mountain lions, black bears, mule deer, big-horn sheep and elk. In addition to that there is a wide variety of trees and pines that grow in this area and some very beautiful species of flowers including the columbines are also found here. The overall view of the landscape is quite colorful and gives a really refreshing feeling to every single person visiting this place. The Forest Service works very hard to not only maintain the beauty of the place but to also protect the wildlife that lives in this place. Special laws have also been devised which must be followed by the visitors at all times.


There is so much to do here at the Wheeler Park Wilderness. Considered to one of the best spots for outdoor lovers, it is a space filled with beautiful plantation, lakes and challenging hiking trails that are actually quite popular among the hiking community. You can trek through the area with your eyes constantly savoring the spectacular views that you keep on coming across throughout your trip. The visitor center is well equipped to provide you with all the necessary guidance and information that you will need during your visit. There are guided tours conducted by the Forest Service too which take you through an educational and fun journey through the whole land and its inhabitants.

For those of you looking for some extra fun, there is also arrangement for camping sites throughout the area. You can get a topography map from the office of the Forest Service in the area and see all the points market on it as suitable spots for camping. In addition to that, there are also arrangements for fishing in the lakes but you will need to secure a permit to fish in the lakes otherwise it is prohibited to all visitors.

The Wheeler Park Wilderness is a great place to have an amazing time, whether you are going just for a day trip or planning a proper camping trip. Due to the extreme height of the place, it is highly recommended that you bring proper winter attire with you and be prepared for contingencies. The importance of making the visit to this amazing place a part of your trip to New Mexico can’t be stressed on enough so all that can be said is, don’t miss it at any cost.

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