Valle Vidal


New Mexico is one of the most beautiful states of USA. There are several places around the whole state that make for excellent tourist spots. One of these places is Valle Vidal, a really beautiful place with mountains and lush greenery. A vast and isolated area, it is very well preserved and is home to a vast wildlife and the waters are filled with fish all year long. Going to this amazing place for a camping trip is an experience unlike any other and once you visit the place you become certain in your mind that you will definitely be visiting again. However with an area of 102,000 acres, this wildlife paradise is too huge to simply wander around and it is better if you have essential information about the area to make sure that your trip is well planned and well rounded too. To find out more about the beautiful Valle Vidal, keep reading.

Natural habitat

The wildlife in Valle Vidal is quite extensive and on your visit you will find several well known species which include the black bear, mule deer, bald eagles, the mountain lion and if you are near water then you will be able to see the native Rio Grande cutthroat trout. There are alpine meadows too in the Valle Vidal which are home to the largest elk herd in the whole state. There are over 2000 of these majestic elks inhabiting the meadows. Due to the magnificent beauty of Valle Vidal and the wide range of species that are inhabiting it, the whole area has been declared as a preserve by the federal authorities so that no drilling for fuels like gas and oil ever happens here.

Comanche Point

This is the first stop when you enter the Valle Vidal from its west entrance. The road is all dirt but is well maintained, allowing easy passage for two wheel drive vehicles. Shortly after entering you will reach Comanche Point which is a massive formation of rocks at the confluence of Comanche Creek and Rio Costilla. You can head to the left where the road runs along the Rio Costilla for about two miles after which you reach a parking space. You can spend some time here and enjoy the view of the dam and the Costilla Valley before returning to Comanche Point.

Wheeler Peak

Heading eastward from Comanche Point by crossing the river and driving alongside the Comanche Creek will take you into an area where you will find forested mountains and wide and beautiful meadows filled with lush greenery. The road here will keep on climbing higher and higher and there are several good spots on the way where you can stop to enjoy spectacular views. Keep going onwards until you reach the top of Wheeler Peak and at 13,161 feet which is the highest point in all of New Mexico, you can enjoy some really breathtaking views of Valle Vidal.

Cimarron Campground and Shuree Ponds

These are the two ultimate spots for spending an afternoon having a nice picnic or camping overnight and can be reached via the Loop Road which is the main road there. While the Cimarron Campground is the actual spot where you can camp, if you are not staying and only want to enjoy the day there then head for the Shuree Ponds area where you can take a relaxing walk while enjoying the views around you. You can also see the Rock Wall from here which is southeast of the Ponds.

The Rock Wall and the McCrystal Campground

Descending into the Valle Vidal’s eastern part, this dark mountain is looks very majestic and can be seen from the first switchback in that direction. From there you can see a very long distance into the eastern part of New Mexico. The dark majestic color is what makes it stand out in the view. You can travel to McCrystal Campground from there and stay the night. The place is well equipped and you can spend the night in enjoyment.


While it is dependent on whether you are there to camp or not, the day can be spent enjoying the views and the pleasant atmosphere of the valley and watching the natural habitat. You can also fish there but only catch and release baits are allowed. At Shuree Ponds however, you can take up to two fish with you. All the camp grounds are well equipped and you can find grills, tables and toilets in all of them.

It is a good idea to be well informed about the traveling conditions in the area and getting updated information from local authorities is your best bet at a safe and pleasant journey. The beauty of Valle Vidal is forever welcoming and certainly worth visiting repeatedly. | 502: Bad gateway

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