A Small Tourism Gem Of New Mexico

New Mexico is filled with a lot of tourism opportunities and the number of places that you can visit during your time in New Mexico is so many that you might as well settle here if you want to experience all of them. However if you really want to have a great time in this beautiful state and want to do it during the limited time that you have with you on your trip, you need to be guided expertly. To do that, we have gathered some very useful information about a particular town in New Mexico which you can head towards in order to find some great spots to have an amazing and fun filled time. The place in question here is the city of Roswell. This is a city that is famous for a very particular thing; the alleged crash of a UFO here in the year 1947. This means that you visit will include some very interesting stops too. So what is it that makes this a great tourist spot and what is it that you need to know when heading to Rowell? To answer these questions and to make sure that your time in this city is spent usefully and without any hassle, we have devised a small collection of useful information about Roswell that will prove to be very useful during your visit. Read on to find out more.

Getting to Roswell

If you are thinking of taking a plane to this city then you can come via American Eagle which is a part of American Airlines and serves in this area. There are continuous flights coming in from both Dallas and Los Angeles four times every week. The airport itself is also sometimes filled with interesting activity as airlines use the former Air Base for testing new planes. If you are coming via road however then you can either come via US 285 for north-south direction or you can take US 380 or US 70 if you are traveling in east-west direction. Make sure your tank is full if you are leaving via Interstate 40 though since it is completely empty for quite some distance.

Places to visit

There are quite some places around Roswell that will keep you busy and interested for a sufficient amount of time. The places you should definitely visit during your time here include:

  • International UFO Museum and Research Center: This is a great place to feed the conspiracy theory lover you. A major devotion to the cult activity in the area, you can see some very interesting exhibits here and decide its authenticity for yourself.
  • Bottomless Lakes State Park: This is a great place to do a lot of activities including fishing, hiking and even swimming. The name clearly suggests that the lakes in this park are insanely deep and are surrounded by near vertical cliffs.
  • Roswell Museum and Art Center: This place has an astoundingly amazing collection of art, considering that it is in Roswell, New Mexico. There are some amazing pieces that you can find here including works by Peter Hurd and Georgia O’Keeffe and several other artists. It also has a separate area devoted to rocket science and space flight with some really amazing exhibits.

What to do?

There are a wide range of activities that you can indulge in which include sightseeing, visit to the museums and the art center and the park where you can have an amazing time trekking, fishing and enjoying the amazing landscape that surrounds the city of Roswell. If you go about 90 miles south of Roswell, you can also visit the famous Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

Roswell may not look like a big competitor with the other parts of New Mexico but be assured that it has some serious tourism potential and once you visit the place, you will know for yourself that it is one of the most beautiful and most welcoming tourist spots in all of New Mexico.

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