Pecos National Historical Park

The great state of New Mexico is home to a large number of tourist spots that range from national monuments to man-made tourism resorts. The thing that you will find common in all of these places is the fact that they give you more value for your money than any other tourist spot you may have visited during your life. And the best part, most of them are actually free to visit. Among these places are the famous historical parks of New Mexico which have attracted visitors to their beautiful landscapes and intriguing history for a very long time. But not every place is the same still and there is one place that has a very special outlook to it and it really stands out among other places. This place is known as Pecos National Historical Park and it is located on the eastern side of Santa Fe at a distance of 27 kilometers. It is home to the remains of one of the largest and the longest surviving community of Pueblo People who were known as Pecos Pueblo and lived in this area for more than 400 years. With the first ever settlement of Pecos Pueblo People in this area dating back to 1100 AD, it grew constantly for the next 350 years and was eventually known to be home to about 2000 people. The Spanish arrival was an important time in its history and the place was finally abandoned completely in the 19th century. Today this place is visited by a huge amount of tourists. Read on to find out more.


The Spanish were technically the first modern people to find this place and in the year 1619, after their arrival in the area, the Spanish catholic missionaries built a church in this place to preach Christianity. The locals built a traditional kiva right in front of the church as part of their revolt against the Spanish in the year 1680, the purpose of which was to show their rejection of the new religion that the Spanish had brought with themselves. This caused the Spanish to leave the place but they were to return later in 1692. The place was completely abandoned in 1838 when Comanches came in the area and started killing the Pecos people. After the abandonment, the place was visited several times by researchers and trekkers and due to the historical significance of the area, it was declared as a National Historic Landmark by the United States government in the year 1960.

What to see?

The ruins of the Pecos people are quite a spectacular sight and exploring them is a great means to understand how quickly the community had evolved over the centuries. There are a number of different activities that you can do here but the first step you need to take is visit the museum and buy your $3 pass. There is a 10-minute video clip shown to the visitors that gives a great perspective about the area and its history. After that you can go on a guided tour of the place with a ranger. They are really friendly and will answer all your questions. You can also go on a self-guided tour and there is plenty of information material available at the visitor center to help you along your trip.

Another way of experiencing this place is to plan a camping trip and see everything yourself in detail. The spectacular views and trekking the area and the ruins is a great way to spend your energy as you connect with the ancients and relive a place that was once a spectacle of the glory of Pecos people.

The Pecos National Historical Park is one of the most beautiful and amazing historical parks in all of New Mexico and visiting this place is really a huge privilege. So make sure you are able to count yourself among the lucky ones by visiting this place.

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