Los Alamos

A Compact Travel Guide

Visiting New Mexico with the intent of tourism is a decision that no one has ever regretted and the reason is the plethora of amazing tourist attractions and sites that this great state is filled with. Each and every one of these towns and cities is home to their own unique blend of tourist attractions that make the whole river of tourists pouring into the state flowing continuously throughout the year. While there are big places like Santa Fe and Albuquerque that have their massive size and fame to take in the most amount of tourism that New Mexico sees, there are some other places too which may be small but their unique history and lifestyle really makes them an equal contender in winning just as many tourists as any other place. One of such places that are a part of New Mexico is the famous town of Los Alamos. Known particularly for one thing, the Los Alamos National Laboratory where the United States government created the first atomic bomb ever built by anyone in the whole world. Half of the population of Los Alamos is employed at the laboratory and there is a lot to learn and see in this amazing town. To find out more about this town and the places and activities that await you here, keep reading.

Getting to Los Alamos

If you are flying into Los Alamos from Albuquerque then you can take the New Mexico Airlines which brings you directly to Los Alamos County Airport but if you are flying from a neighboring state like LA or Dallas or Denver then you can head to Santa Fe airport which is a 40 minute drive from Los Alamos. Coming by car means you need to take NM 502 west from US 285 north of Santa Fe. There are bus services too that run throughout the state and can bring you here easily.

Local Sites

There are quite a number of places that you can visit to have a great time during your visit and all these places pack a lot of fun and in some cases learning opportunities too. Some of these places have been discussed below:

  • Los Alamos Historical Society: This is a really nice museum where you can learn a lot about the history of this area. You can purchase books from the adjoining bookstore that contain literature about the lifestyle, culture and history of this place and also guide you regard the many recreational opportunities that you can find here.
  • Bradbury Science Museum: This museum is best place to learn about cool technology and the principles regarding the use of atomic energy. You can purchase some interesting literature from the bookstore which tells you more about the history of the whole history and activities related to atomic energy.
  • Fuller Lodge Art Center: This is a great art center that continuously keeps on exhibiting new works, mostly by local artists. The purpose is to promote these artists and help them catch more attention by the art community. There is a gift shop too here where you can buy some very interesting objects including paintings, jewelry and ceramics.

What to do?

There are a lot of recreational opportunities for the tourists here and that include biking, hiking and trekking too. Make sure you set aside time to visit the famous Bandelier National Monument and explore the Pueblo dwellings there. In addition to that you can also take on several trails where there is a lot of biking activity. The Tuff Riders are a good place to get all the necessary information and help regarding the local bike trails. Other activities that you can do here include skiing, swimming, flying, and even golf. In short this place offers pretty much everything that you could possibly dream of.

To sum it all up, it can be said with confidence that visiting Los Alamos will not only be a great once in a life time experience, but the fact that you can do it all while remaining within you budget (if it isn’t too big) really makes it all worthwhile. So take the first opportunity you find and head right over!

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