Carlsbad Caverns

The Caves of New Mexico

New Mexico is an amazing state with a lot of tourism opportunities, each and every one of them being completely spectacular and worth having over and over again. With places spread throughout the state that invite the tourists on journeys that take them through a world filled with adventure and fun, it is certainly beyond doubt that New Mexico should be at the top of your tourism priorities if you are ever to take a trip around the United States. Among these places is one very special destination which has a very unique and intriguing adventure experience, one that would stay in your memories long after you visit it. The place being talked about here is Carlsbad Caverns, one of the most beautiful extreme landscape tourism spots in all of New Mexico. This place is visited by countless tourists and trekking enthusiasts all year round and the amount of activity never fades. The main attraction, the Big Room is a huge cave that is over a kilometer long. Among the biggest cave chambers, it is the 5th largest in United States and 28th largest in the world. To find out more about this amazing location and the tourism activities here, keep reading.


The cave was originally discovered by a young boy named Jim White. He had climbed up to the location of this cave using his own homemade wire ladder. The existence of the cave remained in doubt for quite some time and most of the places inside the cave were named by the boy himself. These places include the Big Room, Kings Palace, New Mexico Room, Queens Chamber, Green Lake Room and Papoose Room. The cave has been visited by visitors for nearly a century now and until 1932, reaching the cave required some serious hike which was too much for a lot of people. However after that the National Park Service started operating two elevators there in a visitor building that they had created and these elevators transported the visitors to the cave. The park was given the status of National Monument in the year 1923 and over the years several legislations were passed to secure the area under federal care. In 1930, the park was eventually given to the National Park Service for administration.

What to see?

There are a number of different places in this cave that are distinguished by their characteristics and are actually named accordingly. Some of these areas have been described below:

  • Bat Cave: This is a rocky passage that is connected to the cave’s main entrance corridor. Most of the bats that reside in this cave are found in this area and this part was also mined in the 20th century for guano that these bats provided.
  • Big Room: This is the largest singular portion in the whole cave and covers an area of 33,210 square meters. The expanse of this huge room is really overwhelming and humbling at the same time. Another name for this area is Hall of the Giants.
  • King’s Palace: There is a wing of the cave that is called “scenic rooms” and this is the first one of those rooms that comes into view during the tour. The reason for its name being King’s Palace is because right in its center, there is a formation of rocks that gives the look of a castle.
  • Queen’s Chamber: This is the most spectacular of all the area in the cave and the formations here are really scenic and beautiful. It is also the place where Jim White’s lamp went out.

Cave Tours

The National Parks Service arranges tours for visitors into the cave daily and it is a really amazing learning experience. You can visit the museum at the visitor center to find out more about the cave’s history and other details. Make sure you have food supplies to last you through the tour as it is a mildly challenging trip physically. Children under 4 are not allowed here and the cave is closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

Visiting the Carlsbad Caverns is a truly unique experience and exploring this special kind of wilderness is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss. So make sure you take out time to visit the cave when you are in New Mexico.

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