The Desert Metropolis of New Mexico

New Mexico is home to an amazing array of places that are filled with countless opportunities of fun and entertainment, all of it presented as a complete package for everyone who is touring this great state. With several towns spread all over the state that each have their own set of tourist attractions and activities, there are very few places on earth that can give you this much entertainment and tourism. One of these places is the town of Albuquerque, the biggest city in all of New Mexico. Its prowess as a tourist destination may often be overlooked due to Santa Fe, the capital of the state but that does not mean Albuquerque is any less in terms of providing amazing nonstop fun and great traveling experiences to the people visiting this amazing city. The tourism in Albuquerque is thriving just as much as in any other place and there is a ton of fun filled activities that you can be a part of during your visit here. To make sure that your trip to Albuquerque is as informed as possible so that you can spend your time there in the best possibly way, we have gathered some useful data for you about Albuquerque that will help you a lot during your visit. Read on to find out more.

Getting there

You can come to Albuquerque either by car from either Interstate 40 which goes in east-west direction or from Interstate 25 which goes in north-south direction. If you are coming from outside New Mexico via air then you can head straight to Albuquerque from any direction that you may be in as this airport is where most of New Mexico’s air traffic comes. For people coming from LA or Chicago, they can also travel via Amtrak railway. However there is an additional railway for people inside the state named New Mexico Rail Runner Express which travels to and from all parts of New Mexico. There is also a bus depot here which has buses coming and going at all times, most of them operated by Greyhound.

Places to visit

There are quite a lot of places in Albuquerque that you can visit for some amazing tourism and entertainment. While the complete list of places is too long to mention here, some of the more notable spots have been briefly described for your convenience:

  • Albuquerque Biological Park: With the combination of an aquarium, a zoo and a botanic garden, this is one of the best and the most visited spots in all of Albuquerque. In addition to the above, there is also a beach and you can buy a combo ticket to visit all of the places. It is a place worth every single penny!
  • Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum: Who doesn’t love balloons? With a whole museum covering the history of this incredible sport and activity, it is one of the most interesting spots in the whole city and there is always a crowd of visitors there. Tickets here are $4 for adults.
  • Indian Pueblo Cultural Center: This is a very special place where you not only get to see a thousand year old artifacts belonging to the Pueblo people, you can also visit the art gallery and see amazing works of art and enjoy traditional Indian dances. It is true source of historical knowledge and classic entertainment.

What to do?

There is a lot of activity designed specifically for tourists that visit Albuquerque. These include trekking, skating and even trips to parks and other recreational areas. Don’t forget to visit the Tingley Beach, the Rio Grande Valley State Park, the Sandia Mountains, the Cliff’s Amusement Park, New Mexico Lobos and Petroglyph National Monument.

The amount of action that awaits you at Albuquerque cannot be summed up in a single article as every single area of that city is filled with countless fun filled activities and opportunities to really enjoy your time while you are in town. So the only thing that remains to be said is that you must visit Albuquerque as soon as possible.

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