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Ways to Protect Your Vehicle This Summer

It is vital to have your automobile prepared for the heat once the temperature starts rising over the summer season. The best way to guarantee that your vehicle will have optimal performance is prevention and car detailing Memphis. Below are some of the beneficial hacks to protect your vehicle under the scorching heat of summer: 

Inspect your battery 

Extremely hot days are not great for your vehicle battery. Hence, you need to make sure to have your car battery examined before the summer weather arrives to guarantee that it is in its best condition. The fluids of a battery can quickly evaporate once the climate is hot. So, it is recommended to pay attention to the battery terminals and wipe any developed corrosion away. 

Check your fluids 

In the summer season, it is particularly essential to inspect your fluids since they can aid in cooling down your car engine. Fluids can include power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and motor oil. Once these fluids become low, it will be challenging for heat to get transported from the components of the engines. Also, replace your engine coolant. To make sure and to determine when the best time for the coolant to be changed is, check out the owner’s manual. If not, then guarantee it is filled to the right levels.  

Utilize a sunshade 

It would be a wise idea to maintain a windshield shade near you for you to use particularly at times when you cannot prevent parking under the heat of the sun. A windshield shade doesn’t only keep your car’s interior cool, but they assist to stop the damaging effects on the interiors of your car due to excessive sunlight. Once you let your vehicle brake in the sun, you could wind up with a cracked, dried-out, and unsightly dashboard. 

Prevent direct sunlight 

If you are searching for a parking place, attempt to look for a shady parking area or spot that is shielded from direct sunlight or can be found underground. Also, keep in mind to leave your windows down for at least 1-2 inches max. For security purposes, you can buy tinted visors that can deflect light, making it less apparent that your windows are down. 

Keep your vehicle protected and clean 

Utilize a detailing product on your dash to reduce glare and for protection. You can keep your car seats cool by using seat covers as well. If you own some leather seats, make sure to condition them well especially during hot seasons to avoid some cracking. Hot temperatures and sunlight can fade the exterior of your vehicle. One of the best ways to secure your vehicle from the harmful UV rays of the sun using a wax job. 

Belt, hose, and tire maintenance 

Tires that are underinflated could be an issue especially on hot seasons once the pavement is extremely hot since it could possibly cause a blowout. Moreover, hot weather can make drive belts and hoses more likely to fail. Hence, make sure that they are in optimal health with no signs of other deterioration or cracking. 

Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Roof

Even if you just had your roof installed recently or it is already reaching its end, it is still very vital to make sure that you keep your roofs well-maintained to preserve it and to provide you longer service. Doing the following task might appear to be costly and time-consuming. However, once you compare regular roof cleaning Memphis to the amount of money you will be spending if you consider having a new roof, these tasks can relatively help you save tons of bucks in the future. 

Trim your trees 

If your home happens to be surrounded by trees, observe their branches closely and guarantee that there are no branches that hang on top of your roof. These branches can help rodents and pests easy access to your roof, which eventually results in making homes or gnawing in the shingles. Guarantee that all branches are approximately 10 ft. farther from the roof. Otherwise, it would be best to contact a certified arborist to have the branches safely removed without damaging your home or tree permanently.  

Stop ice dams 

The best means of taking care of your roof does not actually involve anything with your roof at all. Guarantee that you have sufficient attic insulation so that the water won’t create ice dams and freeze on your roof that melt, which leads to massive water damage. Clearing off any snow of your roof and utilizing a rake to remove any ice or snow on your roof is one way to stop ice dams from happening. To prevent ice dams, it would be recommended to clear nearly 3-4 ft. near the rain gutters. 

Maintain your gutters 

Keeping your rain gutters all over your property might do beyond what you can imagine. It doesn’t only keep the pests and leaves from making your roof appear unkempt and shabby, but maintaining your gutters on a regular basis can save your property from water damage as well. While the debris and leaves pile up, they will make dams in your gutter that makes a pool of stagnant water. Then, the water leaks into your home and makes all types of issues. 

Pay attention to it 

The easiest thing and the most fundamental thing you can do to look after your roof is to know what is happening with it, particularly after extreme storms or severe weather. You can easily determine whether something is going on if you practice observing your house’s surroundings and walking your house perimeter. By doing so, you can be aware if there’s any shingle that has fallen off or the granules of your shingles have chipped off. These indicators will enable you to decide when is the time to either replace or repair your roof.  

If you have a pair of binoculars, do not hesitate to use it and observe your roof. See if there are any damaged flushing and curling shingles around the skylights, vents, and other openings. This is a great way to immediately take action if there are any problems with your roof. 

Hacks in Cleaning Your Windows Easily

Maintaining the shiny state of your windows does not have to be extremely difficult. In fact, it might appear to be and it could be made simpler once you consider the beneficial hacks below. Keep in mind that these hacks are only recommended to be utilized and applied for interior cleaning. If your windows have parts that are difficult to reach, never hesitate to contact the professionals to have it cleaned by the experts. Though having clean and sparkly windows is pleasant and an accomplishment, you should still prioritize your safety. Here are the easiest means of cleaning your windows: 


A lot of homeowners want to achieve a clean window’s bright shine but neglect to clean it since they’re scared of making unappealing streaks. The bane of every window cleaners is window streaks. The greatest tool to combat unsightly streaks would be a nice squeegee. It could be difficult to handle a squeegee. Hence, you need to watch some tutorials on YouTube about the right practice and techniques when it comes to squeegeeing. 

Newspaper and other alternatives 

A lot of people are considering to recycle the newspaper that lies all over their home by utilizing it instead of paper towels. This is actually an eco-friendly and smart idea and practice. However, nowadays, the newspaper turns out to be a thing of the past since the coffee filter has come as an alternative to a newspaper. However, microfiber towel is much greater than that since they are totally washable and they are not expensive. 

Homemade cleaner 

When we talk about homemade cleaners, most of the reaction is off as they go back to the commercial window cleaners. Other home-brewed cleaners could be a critical balance of random household liquids, ammonia, and water. Although to clean your windows, all you need is dish soap, vinegar, and water. It is enough to have some drops of dish-washing liquid, one part vinegar, and two parts of water. However, there are a lot of various measurements that will lead to great outcomes. Use this solution to spray it on your windows before you wipe it away and then rinse it using a minimal amount of water to prevent any development of film from the dish soap. 

Blackboard eraser 

If you still find some stubborn streaks on your window even after you tried some of these strategies, go to the craft store near you and buy a blackboard eraser. This might sound weird and this might not erase all of your issues, however, you can remove those stubborn streaks by rubbing it across your window. 

Look at the window details 

In terms of windows, you can see the perfection in the details. It isn’t sufficient to get a window that can just let you see outside but you want to make sure that you can perfectly see out of the scenery from any angle all the time. To prevent having some watermarks on your window edges, wipe your water or a cleaner with a Q-tip or a microfiber towel. If you have some decal or sticker remnants on your window, you can get rid of the gunk off using rubber alcohol or avail window repair Collierville if you think your windows require some repairing. 

Tips in Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors offer a warm and earthy aesthetic to any property. Aside from that, they are actually durable and can last for several years—even decades—if it is taken care of properly. Discover how to maintain your hardwood flooring Memphis now by adhering to these tips we will be providing you in this article: 

First, you have to utilize a vacuum or dust mop to eliminate dust, dirt, debris, and even hair that can possibly scratch your hardwood floor. Refrain from using a vacuum that has an attachment to a beater bar since it can damage the floor’s surface. Instead, you should utilize the floor-brush attachment. Also, you might have to do this approximately once per week but that depends on the number of children, pets and on the traffic of that area.  

Dust mopping cannot eliminate the grime and dirt that can develop as time passes by. You will need to utilize a liquid cleaner for regular maintenance. You can also opt for a commercial wood-cleaning solution available in any store near you. Make sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer for the best results. If you want, you can formulate your own cleaning solution by mixing 10 parts of warm water to one part vinegar. Then, add some liquid Castile soap drops.  

No matter what type of cleaner you select, the procedure on cleaning engineered hardwood flooring and cleaning wood floors is quite similar. You only have to saturate a sponge mop or a rag in your cleaning solution be extra careful to prevent placing excessive liquid on the floor. To remove the cleaner, rinse your mop with clean water. After that, wring out the extra water and damp mop the floor. If there’s some excess water, wipe it up with a dry and clean towel. This is essential since standing water can damage your flooring. 

In addition, you can utilize 2 teabags and boiling water to clean hardwood floorings. The tea’s tannic acid can make an amazing shine. Allow 2 teabags to soak into the boiling water for a couple of minutes. Then, pour it into a bucket. Get a soft cloth and soak it into the tea in the bucket and wring it out. Bear in mind that the tea only has to be damp, not fully soaked. This can help to quickly dry the floor. Afterward, you can wash the floor and get ready to be astounded by the shine it can provide. 

One of the trickiest parts in cleaning a wood floor is to cover scratches that retain after cleaning. You just need to fill the gap by taking a crayon that has a similar color to the floor and then rubs it on the scratch. Switch on a blow dryer and heat the place where you applied the crayon. Then, buff it using a soft cloth. To avoid damage and dirt to your newly cleaned floors, place some doormats outside and inside your exterior doors. This will cut down on the moisture and dirt tracked in. 

How to Prevent Mosquitoes in Your Home?

The summer heat can attract more than party-goers and the beach bodies to head out, enjoy, and play. Moreover, the additional humidity attracts mosquitoes as well. These irksome suckers of blood bring with them some diseases like malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever, to name a few. You might observe these tiny, winged pests all over your house. Now, how can you keep them away from your homes? Check out the following alternatives to pest control Memphis that can be helpful to make your home free of mosquito: 

Bug zappers 

It appears that flying insects can’t tolerate the blue light of a bug zapper. As soon as they reach the wire mesh that contains this blue-colored hue light, they will automatically be electrocuted to death immediately. The continuous zapping sound that you hear is an indicator that these flying pests are being taken care of. You should position one bug zapper outside and inside your house. 

Citronella candles  

One of the organic plant extracts that can naturally repel mosquitoes is citronella. You can make use of this method to a higher level by using citronella candles near your home’s important areas. The standard candle’s heat is sufficient to repel winged insects, mainly mosquitoes. However, the citronella smell that exudes from the burning candle adds additional protection to your house. 

Make sure to have ventilation devices near you 

An air conditioning unit or even a simple electric fan can help drive mosquitoes away. Keep in mind that mosquitoes like heat since they possess heat sensors that can find their prey because of the heat they exude from their body. Once an electric fan or an air conditioning unit is used, you will reduce your body temperatures. This can make mosquitoes go blind, which makes it hard to look for their prey. Also, they will try their best to prevent cool areas as well.  


Garlic’s odor might be quite unpleasant, however, that is actually what helps repel mosquitoes to make your property mosquito-free. You only need to crush some garlic in water and then start spraying it all over the nooks and crannies of your home. 


Having bats is one of the greatest ways to remove mosquitoes from your house. Bats can consume as much as 100 mosquitoes every hour. All it takes is to set up a bat house in your yard. This might be a weird idea but it actually works. 

Keep some plants 

One way to stop having mosquitoes naturally from infesting your house is to have some plants such as basil, lemon balm, lavender, marigold, and citronella. These plants are known to repel mosquitos and they are easy to grow and accessible.  

Employ professional pest control 

Professional exterminators are knowledgeable about non-toxic chemicals that should be utilized in and out of your property to stop mosquitoes like Cryonite. You should refrain from depending on DIY techniques too much if you deal with mosquitoes. It would be great to reach and contact the professional about this matter.